Dragons - The Dragon


Not much is known of Dragons, they are creatures that are rarely seen. In your life time you would be considered lucky to see one... or unlucky depending on the situation.  

This species can be broken down even further, but we will begin with the basics. A Dragon has four legs, this is important, a set of large leathery wings, and their hide can be as hard as diamond. Some say they have an addiction to gold, but I think that depends on the dragon.

They are quite intelligent and in old writings are said to possess magical abilities. 

Now, I know what you are thinking. Dragons are large and breathe fire. Well... yes, but here is a little-known fact, it is not always fire. In my research I have found, in quite rare cases, that a Dragon can be attached to an element and use that instead. They come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. Each difference representing a unique trait to that breed.   

The magical properties come into light as the Dragon ages. The Dragon of the Whispering Peak was young, on the cusp of adulthood, explaining why he had to travel into our lands. 

You see, when adulthood draws near the Dragon in question must set out to start its own life, leave the nest, if you would. It could be a matter of safety. If the Dragon stays too long the bond between it and its parents could change into a bitter rivalry over territory. That is still open for debate.

There is currently little research regarding these captivating creatures and I worry that as time draws on we will see less of them. It is my duty as a Lore Master to observe and write down the goings on of the world, I only wish I could do more.




Lore Master

The Lore Master has been around too long for anyone to remember how old he actually is. Some say he used to be an adventurer, others say that he is out of his mind.

Take a walk up his tower and see for yourself.