The Feyloff is a cunning  nocturnal predator. She has the characteristics of both an eel and a python with a body size recorded to reaching a length of 5.74 metres or about 18 feet.

A Feyloff's head is much like an eels, with sharp teeth in rows lining inside her mouth. When aggrevated to anger, great fins protrude from the sides of her face which shake to scare away attackers. Her long body is covered in scales down to her tail, which resembles a multi-stringed whipping instrument tipped with a heavy meat pouch at each end.

The Feyloff glides through water with her top half close to the shoreline and her whipping tail farther out.

A patient hunter, the Feyloff lures its prey into deeper waters by splashing the meat pouches at the end of her tail, resembling fish jumping. As her prey is distracted by a false promise of a meal, she wraps her long body around their legs waiting for the right moment to strike by constricting around her prey and taking her catch down to a watery grave. 

Fisherman tell stories of the beast and ask all visitors to give her the respect she deserves.


Lore Master

The Lore Master has been around too long for anyone to remember how old he actually is. Some say he used to be an adventurer, others say that he is out of his mind.

Take a walk up his tower and see for yourself.