The Lore Master


I am the Lore Master.

Impressed? Thought you would be. 

I am part of one of the oldest orders in the world. The Order of Lore, not the greatest name for an order, I know, but I wasn't around when it was founded.

The member's of this order are tasked with a land to watch and record, making sure that no detail is missed. It can be demanding work and in my old age even the idea of walking down a step is daunting... filled with peril. 

In my youth, I would travel across the different realms ready for whatever came my way. From the common man to nobility, I would gather their news and stories becoming known throughout the kingdoms. 

People would wait in line just to meet me!

But as my age progressed, I went out less with each passing year. Now I fear I can only make it to the nearby village. 

However, this all changed when I came across such a wonderful little creature. It looks like an ordinary musical box, which one could buy from the market, but no, this little box has a great magic about. It collects stories! What good luck I have been given. 

For the past month or so I have been studying it, to discern its age and from the stories it tells I can with good reason guess that it is quite old. So old, that It makes me look like a small child by comparison. 

I work with the Music Box day and night, listening to its stories and writing them down with great haste never wanting to miss a word. It feels as if I am transported by some magic to the land in which the stories takes place. The scenes come to life right before my eyes and I have often caught myself so enthralled in by story that I have stopped writing. 

This is such a joyous time!

When I stand to be relieved by the next member of my order I will pass it onto them. 


Lore Master

The Lore Master has been around too long for anyone to remember how old he actually is. Some say he used to be an adventurer, others say that he is out of his mind.

Take a walk up his tower and see for yourself.