Behind the Voice | Adrian Young


Adrian Young has spent the last decade directing, acting, producing, writing, and designing a variety of plays and musicals. His experience extends into immersive, epic, environmental, and classical theatre. He recently completed his master’s degree which had a focus on immersive theatre and audience agency. While Adrian spent his early years in Liverpool, he has spent his life moving constantly between different parts of Canada and the U.K. As both a theatre practitioner and a teacher, he uses the skillsets acquired in each to improve the other. There is, however, nothing quite like voice-acting and his passion for the form is what makes performing in The Music Box so rewarding.

- Adrian 

Adrian and I met in grade 9 and have been friends ever since, and it's the type of friendship where we can (and have) put on random voices and carry out a 2 hour scene. When it comes to working together, our paths never really crossed but when they finally did we seized it. 

Photo by Garrett Cluett - Messing about in the Studio

Photo by Garrett Cluett - Messing about in the Studio

Adrian has moved a number of times in the years I have known him (currently living in London, England). Before he left I put him to work in the studio (closet) making sure I had what I needed. In that short time it took record I felt like I was back in high-school hanging out at my buddies house; we were laughing, yelling, coming up with different ideas and deliveries, having an all around good time. Yes, he moved across the pond and yes it bums me out. However, I will be working with him again soon and I can't wait.