Behind the Voice | Nikolas Yuen

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"Nikolas Yuen is grateful for the opportunity to be working on this amazing series. A voice actor and occasional theatre actor born and raised in Kingston Ontario. 

Nik actually discovered his talent completely by chance, but that is a story for another time. He is at his most comfortable behind the microphone, and enjoys bringing characters to life with his performances. It's not uncommon to see him gesturing with his hands and changing his facial expression to reflect the actions and mannerisms of the character he is portraying."


If you are looking for a voice for your project, look no further than Nikolas Yuen. This man is truly amazing when he steps to the mic. 

When I wrote the Lore Master, the only person I could see voicing him was Nik. He brings this inspiring passion to every single character he plays, doesn't matter if it's the Hero or Soldier Number 2. He adds an extra layer of talent to the world of The Music Box which in turn makes it more believable. 

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He's the guy that when I have something for him all I have to do is send an email and within an hour I get back gold. He's an integral part to The Music Box and I couldn't be happier working with him. I look forward to our future projects together.