Behind the Voice | Susan Del-Mei


Susan Del-Mei is a performer and choreographer from Kingston ON. She grew up in the Limestone City taking dance lessons and learning to love the stage. She attended Queen’s University to study Drama and deepened her love of theatre and choreography while there. Susan is a Dance Instructor at Leisa’s School of Dance, teaching multiple styles of dance to children and adults. Sue is also a local actor and loves to perform. She spent the summer of 2017 performing in an immersive theatre production at Upper Canada Village, and frequents the stage in Kingston with many of the community theatre companies, including King’s Town Players and the Domino Theatre.

- Susan Del-Mei

I love seeing Sue onstage in her element. Her ability to understand a character and find out the inner workings of said character is truly inspiring. And the dancing, don't get me started... breathtaking. 

Photo taken by: Steph of Taylor Clark Photography

Photo taken by: Steph of Taylor Clark Photography

She was the first person I approached with this idea. Nervously, I might add. Of course she thought it was a good idea, being the amazing fiance she is, but she didn't leave it there. She sat down and worked on it with me, giving advice here, editing there. Until I had something solid to push forward, playing a key role in bringing my idea to life. 

The part of the Little Girl was always meant for Sue but I feel I wrote the character for me. I needed that sense of adventure in my life again. That feeling in your gut that makes you want to run for the horizon and never stop.

I was on the verge of losing that. Losing the drive, the spark.

Until I met her.

Who better to play that character than the one who gave it all back to me.