Behind the Voice | Cassel Miles


Cassel is very happy to be a part of this Music Box series. He had a blast making this.

This was his first voice over gig and it could be the start of something.

Much thanks to Garrett Cluett for asking me to be a part of it. He was so wonderfully patient “re-training” a stage actor to the subtleties of voice-over work in the moment.

Much praise for the talented team of voice over actors and creative team that he has assembled.

- Cassel Miles

Cassel and I met during the stage production of "Sleeping Beauty - The Panto". I was the Prince and he was the evil misunderstood Wizard trying to execute his cunning plan. During one of the rehearsals he was dancing to his own rhythm (he does this a lot) and I decided to join in. Without skipping a beat Cassel immediately welcomed me, trying to teach me how to preform the different steps and show me how they worked together. 

Photo taken by: Garrett of Outcast Entertainment

Photo taken by: Garrett of Outcast Entertainment

We started talking and I brought up The Music Box and that I thought he would be a great fit for the Frog Knight character. He loved the idea and joined right there on the spot. 

When the day came to record, Cassel showed up and approached the mic like it was an old friend. A friend that he was excited to see... a little too excited.

His first scene, the courageous fight with a terrifying beast... the Feylof.  A scene which in the script has the Knight preforming acrobatic stunts. On first take Cassel went to town on my studio. Jumping around and fighting this savage imaginary beast. I let it run because it sounded amazing but in the end I had to cut it and explain to Cassel that the movement had to be brought down a bit, still able to act out, but the thumps we're being picked up.

He took the notes in stride. He was still moving around but there was so much more coming through just in the way he talked. It was exciting to be in the same room as him, he brought incredible life to the character and scene. 

I look forward to working with him again.