Season 1 | Cast

Picking your cast is an extremely important task. They bring not only the characters to life but the world in which these stories take place. I didn't hold auditions or post that I was looking for anyone. I simply asked my friends to give me a hand. Just so happens my friends are actors! 

The first person I asked was my fiance, Sue.  She listened to the idea, gave me some pointers, edited the script, and then said yes. 

From there it wasn't as easy as you would think. Sure, I knew these people but not really. Most of them knew me as Sue's boyfriend (at the time). I had watched them on stage, saw how they carried themselves, how they delivered their lines, and that they fit into what I was trying to create. 

Not going to lie. Approaching them made me nervous. I knew that they would most likely help, but it's the act of asking that did it. I was putting an idea forward, one that they could shut down. Not a fun feeling. 

I lucked out, they all agreed to be a part of it. 

And I am pleased to share the cast of Season 1 with you.