A New Beginning!

We're back!

We know it's been awhile since the release of "The Little Girl and The Dragon - Part 1" and we want to apologize for that. 

After the release we ran into problem after problem on our end. We needed to re-record the rest of the season, figure out a lot of "bugs"... so many bugs, and put together a schedule.

Things we should have done before the launch, you say.

You're right. 

And we now have a schedule and procedure to follow. 

Episodes will be released every 2 weeks until the season is done with a break between seasons. In that break we will be posting "Lore Master" blog posts and working on our Foley School project for the community, with more ideas working their way through. Maybe a contest... with prizes! 

We thank you for being patient with us. We're still figuring out this process and again apologize for that. But we have a lot of ideas moving forward and we can't wait to share them with you.