Season 1 | The Little Girl and The Dragon

Garrett Cluett
Creator, Writer, Director, Editor, Foley Artist, Voice Actor

Eugene Bycok
Composer, Editor, Foley Artist, Voice Actor

Susan Del-Mei
Editor, Voice Actor

daniel 2.jpg

Daniel Pauley
Voice Actor

Christian Milanovic
Voice Actor

Cassel Miles
Voice Actor


Jason Bowen
Voice Actor

Nikolas Yuen
Voice Actor


Adrian Young
Voice Actor

Sound & Artwork

Vince Soliveri - Audio Engineer

Vince Soliveri is a Hamilton based audio engineer who works out of his project studio, sometimes referred to as "The Space". Vince has been recording and mixing since 2012, and since then has worked with dozens of local artists, filmmakers, and podcasters in the Southern Ontario area. 

Check out his Website!


Denise Tse - Logo Design

Denise Tse is a freelance illustrator/graphic designer/animator who graduated from Sheridan College with a Bachelor of Animation in 2013.

Her work is amazing!

Her creativity can be seen on her Website!

Alexander Bailey - Album Artwork

Alex bailey is a graphic designer with an eye for simplicity. The images he creates help tell stories and invoke a new insight. On a daily basis he searches for inspiration from skateboarding, tattoos, and various subcultures to create a body of work that unties and clarifies new ideas. He currently is working on his own project called 'The Radical Grip Company' 

Check him out on Instagram for Radical Grip and his Website to see more of his creativity at work.